I have to be honest here…the C-Firma™ Day Serum smells a little like hotdogs… Now, I know you’re all thinking that’s gross and there’s no way you want that scent all over your face, but honestly with the results I started to see from these products, I didn’t even notice the scent anymore! -Potent Antioxidant Complex (15% L-Ascorbic Acid Plus Ferulic Acid And 1% Vitamin E): Works to firm and brighten the look and feel of skin while defending against the signs of photoaging, pollution, and other environmental stressors. They are hands-on and will stay true to their ethos. Talk about convenience! I love how each serum has its own colour and the colour represents what the serum does. The marula oil is derived straight from the actual marula fruit and is completely organic, yet the oil works to deliver actual results and helps your skin look younger and feel incredibly softer. However, I do know that the C-Firma™ Day Serum significantly reduced the appearance of my acne scars and discoloration (hallelujah!). Conclusion – Drunk elephant rise and glow duo review 9/10 To conclude, I really enjoyed using this brightening duo, it truly keeps my skin very hydrated and nourished and I did see a major difference in my dark spots. The C-Firma is a great serum that . I got to try the Rise and Shine set, which includes the Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin B Serum. No B.S. But the more I read reviews and learned about the company’s philosophy, I thought it might be worth the price in the end. Honestly, I still have no clue why the company is called Drunk Elephant…I seriously just spent the last 15 minutes digging around their website and have no clue, but I do know I’m convinced I need to try literally all of their products. After a few weeks of testing these products out, I thought I would share my opinions on these products and whether or not I would repurchase it! That’s it for today. Then, I discovered the Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo which gave me the ability to try two of their products in mini form without breaking the bank! Thank you . Moreover, the two serums are vegan, free of essential oils, silicones, and fragrance. When I first ran out of this dynamic duo, I decided to try and live without it for a while…just to make sure I really loved it as much as I did. Shop rise + glow by Drunk Elephant at MECCA. This top-rated Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Brightening Duo ($23) actually includes a vitamin C serum along with a vitamin B one to add glow and hydration to your face. Rise + Glow Duo Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil – Drunk Elephant describes this face oil as “rehab for your face.” The face oil contains only 100% marula kernel oil and can be applied directly to the face, neck, chest, hands and under the eyes, or added to creams for an added dose of moisture. It actually took 2 months for me to see a major difference but I did. The results are: Glowing Skin! The rise + glow travel-sized duo is your skin's daily dose of vitamins B and C for an all-day quenched and glowing complexion. Like they say…you never know what you have until it’s gone! I definitely recommend it and I am sure that I’ll repurchase it later on. Kira-kira ada hasilnya ngga ya? I’ve honestly never had anyone ask me that in my life and I felt on top of the world! Availability: Sephora and Drunk Elephant’s website. These two both sit perfectly under my Glossier Priming Moisturizer too! Buy Drunk Elephant rise + glow for the best price and get free delivery across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of GCC The rise + glow travel-sized duo is your skin's daily dose of vitamins B and C for an all-day quenched and glowing complexion. I know it was the Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo she was noticing because I hadn’t changed any products in my routine for weeks! For the past few months I’ve been using Drunk Elephant Skin Care products. and while they may seem super similar, they’re actually […]. Like, the C-firma is mainly vitamin C, and orange is the appropriate colour for this vitamin. Learn how your comment data is processed. Agent Allie : ini untuk siang (Baru) 2. Honestly, I’ve used them hand-in-hand and never apart from each other so I can’t give great insight on that. 最近Sephora在打折 來分享一下之前購買的產品心得 Drunk Elephant是2012才創立的品牌 近幾年在美國非常熱門,全品項幾乎常駐Sephora暢銷榜 年初剛上市的Sukari Babyfacial Their stuff just freakin’ works! -Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer: Penetrates skin deeply to deliver excellent hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting firmness. Omg to, Things I’ve learned in the first week of being a, Our sweet boy is here! Today, I am sharing with you my drunk elephant rise and glow duo review. Re: Drunk Elephant C Firma @ather where did you read that? But no pressure whatsoever. ), I opened it up to be semi-disappointed. -Pro-Vitamin B5: Attracts and holds hydration to the skin; helps to support skin’s barrier function. Your skin is glowing and I need to know how!!”. Haz tu pedido y paga en línea. You guys, I can’t make this up. To be honest, other than this product, I haven’t found another one that I absolutely LOVE. And, I have found that it leaves my skin looking very healthy, bright and hydrated. ACTUALIZACION POR COVID-19 :: TODOS NUESTROS PRODUCTOS SON DE PREVENTA *PEDIDO* MENOS LA SECCION DE REBAJAS! If you feel like supporting my blog and I, feel free to use these links! I’ve nev, P.BALL & P.BAND GIVEAWAY! The set retails for 23$ and contains a B-hydra intensive hydration serum and C-firma day serum. Moreover, this duo is travel-friendly and the serums last surprisingly a long time. […], […] acid and sodium hyaluronate are common hydrating and nourishing ingredients that can be found in serums, cleansers, toners and moisturizers! Sodium Hyaluronate - Uncover the Glow. The Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow set (RM101 | £19) comprises the famed Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum and the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum in trial sized 8ml bottles. B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum: Now that’s some hype I can get behind! We give you honest reviews on the latest beauty and lifestyle products taking over your feeds. This post contains affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click on one of these links and make a purchase. Hello my pumpkins! To conclude, I really enjoyed using this brightening duo, it truly keeps my skin very hydrated and nourished and I did see a major difference in my dark spots. Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo - Morning Skin Care Set. This dynamic duo couldn’t get to my doorstep fast enough. Together, these serums are a power duo, seriously. I had learned while perusing the Drunk Elephant website that since these products are free from waxes, silicones, thick oils and butters, there’s no need to layer them. Compra en línea DRUNK ELEPHANT Rise + Glow Brightening Duo por $850. I don’t know about you guys, but I had heard of Drunk Elephant from just about every beauty blogger out there! Sure enough, within a week or so my skin was just not nearly as nice as it was before. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
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