Students can solve NCERT Class 12 Biology Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQs Pdf with Answers to […] ... respectively. Seagrasses form a unique group of submerged marine angiosperms capable of both sexual and asexual reproduction. The events shown below occur during different phases – ... Microspore and megaspores develop into the male and the female gametophytes respectively. Zipperle et al. Pollination occurs mostly within the seagrass meadow or adjacent meadows, and outcrossing is high in Zostera sp. II. (2) As both types of gametes are non-motile, they have to be brought together for fertilisation to occur. Suppose you are given four flowers namely maize, vallisneria, sunflower, and zostera. ... Zostera marina Answer: (a) Eichornia crassipes. The basal region of the body of the ovule where the nucellus, the integument and the funicle meet or merge is called chalaza. Correct Answer: Zostera. ; Guo, D.; Li, W.T., and Zhang, Q., 2016. Which is not feature of vegetative cell of pollen grain - (2) large size (l) haploid (3) spindle shape (4)irregular shape nucleus Q9.Exine is made chemically — (221. Answer: 1. Which of the aquatic plant show pollination under water - (l) Vallisneria (3)water lily (2) water hyacinth (4) zostera (28. The incidence of horizontal gene transfer plants is likely enhanced by associations with. The ovule with one or two integuments are said to be unitegmic or bitegmic ovules respectively. Biology MCQs for Class 12 Chapter Wise with Answers PDF Download was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Explanation: No explanation available. Seasonal variation in growth, morphology, and reproduction of eelgrass Zostera marina on the eastern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China. ... versa. ... Zostera; Question 3. Pollen grains are surrounded by mucilaginous covering, hence protected from wetting. Pollination by water is quite rare in flowering plants. 2. This is because cleistogamous flowers never open at all. other land plants. (2011) that the low level of inbreeding observed was due to self-incompatibility resulting in seed abortion or seedling mortality. ... (e.g. State the mode of pollination in each flower. This prevents the pollen from coming in contact with the stigma of the same flower. (3) Transfer of pollen grains (shed from the anther) to the stigma of a pistil is termed pollination . Pollination in pines occurs when pollen enters openings between the Blank 1 of 1 of the female cone. The amounts of sexual and asexual reproduction differ within some species relying on geographic location and environmental factors. Free PDF Download of CBSE Biology Multiple Choice Questions for Class 12 with Answers Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants. Be the first to write the explanation for this question by commenting below. The purpose of resin in pines is to. The female gametophyte are retained on the parent sporophyte for variable period. 2. Differentiate between cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowers. scales. ; Liu, Y.S. Zhang, P.D. Options (a) Nymphaea (b) Zostera (c) Vallisneria (d) Ottelia. Zostera) are marine plant. freshwater plants like Vallisneria, Hydrilla; marine water plants like Zostera). Under water pollination occurs in . Light unwettable pollen grains are present in these plants. (E.g. ( Pollination is the mechanism to achieve this objective ). Pollination carried out through water is called hydrophily. (Zipperle et al., 2011). Maize-wind pollination Vallisnaria-water pollination Sunflower – insect pollination. Cross pollination cannot occur in cleistogamous flowers. This phenomenon is known as protogyny or protandry respectively.
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