Final smash is Savage wolf fury. Side-special. Yuri is a main character in the side story Cindered Shadows. Final Gale is an arcane arte that Yuri learns in Tales of Vesperia. Yuri is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. All elements that are exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game are highlighted with a light gray background, while all elements exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Definitive Edition versions are highlighted with a dark gray background. The way I was thinking is that Yuri is a combo fighter very similar to Terry where you can chain his base attacks with base artes and arcane artes. He's also currently the only known bearer of the Crest of Aubin. It'd later be used by Yuri and Ludger, with Yuri showing off the Final Gale arte in Tales of Vesperia, a boosted version involving firing one Azure into another for a huge energy shot. TTS is Fast. Zeppuujin (Final Gale) Yuri releases his sword while slashing, creating a small area of wind. Due to the mobile, online nature of the game, this page may have missing localizations, which are indicated with gray backgrounds, and may not be complete due to limited edition items or items added in future releases. Kratos recovers his minor injuries in an instant. He is the leader of the Ashen Wolves, and lives under the Officers Academy in an underground society, which is called Abyss. White Wings of Virtue: Finish the 200-Man Melee as Flynn. He has a couple more in game but this would be best suited for Smash. Enter Aurnion and Yuri will learn Final Gale from Flynn (Sword Friend) Rest at the Inn for a scene between the Spirits (Conversation between the Spirits) Sail to the west of the Manor of the Wicked to find a Harvest Point. The following is a list of swords from Tales of Vesperia, organized as they appear within the "Collector's Book". Based on a true account of events, the plot interweaves the stories of a fireman at the nuclear power plant, his pregnant wife, the government officials whose policies helped and hindered rescue efforts and America's Dr. Robert Gale (), who led the international medical team that helped treat survivors of the disaster. Activating his powerful Arcane arte the wind sends Kratos flying, lacerating him with the x-pattern strike. The following a list of all artes available to Yuri Lowell in Tales of the Rays. He then catches his sword in his opposite hand, and slices through the compressed air, unleashing a large, Wind-elemental projectile. Plot. The only alternative I would consider is Zeppuujin - Final Gale, which kinda looks like Cloud's Blade Beam but should actually be faster, bigger and in ToV it has a property where the farther away the enemy is, the more damage it deals. With his health regained a little Yuri is back in the game. So smash attacks can be chained with b attacks but only if the smash connects ... Hope of the Town: Talk to Ted in the Lower Quarter at the end of the game before the final dungeon. TTL is Average. Garr/Woodrow from Tales of Destiny makes an entire fighting style out of this with his sword Igtenos. He is 19 years old at the start of the game and wields swords as his main weapon. the healing spell is cast and Kratos' wounds heal. "Final Gale!" Yuri Costume Titles. Fatal Strike: Green, Element: Wind, TP usage: 30, Learns at: Learn via Event, Description: Slash your blade in a circular motion to send a gale shock wave at the enemy. "First Aid!"
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