My concern was about how long do we ‘have’ to adjust PH. Oh, boy, slowly but surely, I must say I’ve come far. I didn’t even think about the cost savings! Give yourself the feeling of luxury via the silky softness and subtle fragrance of this body soap . Learning how to make your own products is easy and inexpensive. The owners of, Patri and Lynn, are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Now make a paste by slowly mixing Phase B ingredients (Xantham gum + Glycerin) in a small bowl. Rose absolute creates a rich floral smell and may aid with skin rejuvenation. I also love how naturally thinkings products are labelled, I end up writing the ph, charge and other essential info on the bottles because it’s hard to recall everything! 4. With everything being wet and slippery, we don’t want a glass container sliding off and breaking. If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the social media buttons you see next to the post. I recently shared how I make my own liquid soap from scratch. The same way we learn maths and languages at school, we can also learn other helpful formulas that can aid us in taking care of our bodies the way they deserve to be taken care of. Moreover, if using scented castile soap you can omit the essential oils, or keep them in for their added therapeutic benefits. In a small glass mixing bowl, mix together 1 tsp citric acid powder and 1 tsp distilled water. No. Before ending this post, I want to mention the connection between skin health and pH. ½ cup liquid … The floral water is said to have antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may tone and hydrate the skin. 6. After allowing to set, just transfer the soap to either an old body wash bottle or to mason jars. Good luck with making your body wash and let me know in the comments below how you got on! Using a mini mixer or milk frother, mix until the ingredients are well combined. I love the texture of this one. affiliate link to a 1 cup Pyrex measuring jug, Rules for Meditation – Best Meditation Tips for True Seeing, Our Stunning 8Km ‘Mamio Walk’ in La Caldera, Surfactant & mild emulsifier – washing & foam, 5 Ingredients at EWG 1 (Vitamin E not included on the pic above), I’ve provided the recipe in grams but you can calculate in any other size by using a. Thanks so much for this simple and well explained post. There are three basic components to this homemade body wash: a cleanser and two moisturizers that promote lather. Read on to find out why. Happy making! A detailed guide for DIY skincare beginners who want to make DIY free SLS shower gel/bath gel/shampoo from scratch with a formula that is gentle on the skin and easy to follow once you have all the ingredients at hand (list below). The castile soap is the cleansing ingredient (along with the honey). Test PH with a strip (for the tester I use a good German brand, see pic below). Also check the 3rd picture below… We adjusted with the citric acid to PH perfection! Ingredients: ½ cup water (filtered or previously boiled and now cooled to room temperature) ¼ cup castile soap; 2 tbs carrier oil of choice (I like almond oil as a body moisturizer, so that’s what I … 7. Thanks for sharing! You should not use the information on this website for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or as a substitute for medication or other treatment prescribed by your physician or health care provider. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. May 31, 2020 - See how to make DIY rose body wash suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Made from pure olive, coconut and/or hemp oil, castile soap is incredibly gentle – many with sensitive skin use it exclusively. This recipe makes 800 grams of body wash/shower gel. Place cup in water until melted; remove … When I don’t use it for a while I miss it like hell. Thanks for your comment, I’ve been in Norwich once back in the nineties! Ingredients: 3/4 cup castile soap 3/4 cup fractionated coconut oil* 1/2 cup raw honey 15 drops geranium essential oil *Note: I like using FCO here because it’s really moisturizing without being too heavy, but feel free to use whatever carrier oil you like! by Cyna | Beauty & Skin Care Tips, Beauty DIYs, Essential Oils, Free Printables. Please let me know in case you know other suppliers to add to this list. In this natural body wash formula, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside is the primary surfactant, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine the co-surfactant. If you look at the ingredients below you’ll see that it’s not a homemade body wash in the sense that you would use some liquid soap and add the extras to it to make it more ‘your own’. I practiced with a herbalist on a hands-on course around Traditional Herbalism in the Canary Islands (Spain). Learn more. It cleanses your skin and kills bacteria while providing nourishment and vitamins to keep it hydrated and healthy! – Containers to pour in the final product (bottling) Thank you so much, Cari! Jojoba oil helps to moisturize skin and provides essential vitamins to make skin look healthy. Hair can benefit from the ingredients used in the DIY rose body wash. I love this recipe already. And here’s a table with clickable links on ingredients and functions. Rose otto provides a mild rose fragrance and is even better for very sensitive skin. The tutorial shows how to make natural body wash without castile soap. However, it’s possible to make a natural creamy body wash with Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside alone. Have some feedback you’d like to share? This is a unperfumed formula/recipe without Castile soap (with glycerin). This recipe is fantastic for homesteaders on a budget, and it’s made with 100 percent all-natural ingredients. But that is not true. 2. Looking online, you will find many well-intentioned recipes for DIY body wash with castile soap. Next to the ingredients you’ll find 3 links: EGW’s Skindeep Cosmetics Database (a cosmetic database website that rates products and ingredients from 1 to 10 according to safety), an informational link (explaining more about the ingredient) and the affiliate link (Lynn and I will get a commission if you purchase the product via the link). Yes, my homemade shower gel is safe to use as mild sulfate-free shampoo. Of course, feel free to substitute the coconut oil with any oil that suits your skin type. We often talk about sensitive skin with only the face in mind, but skin sensitivity affects other areas of the body, too. Fortunately castile soap also comes in bar form and it is cheaper than the liquid. I really do. Adding essential oils to body wash is optional, they are mainly used for fragrance. Combine the Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, and fractionated coconut oil in a third beaker or jar. Thank you! This Homemade DIY Free SLS Shower/Bath Gel or Shampoo** is one of my formulas from my Naturally Thinking cosmetic course and is made without using Castile soap (or jabón de Castilla). Right, so I guess you know now how to make shower gel. – Optional: essential oils (one or a blend) – Add no more than 3% of the total to your final product. DIY rose body for wash without castile soap, How to make body wash without castile soap. This looks amazing! 32g | 4% Coco Glucoside [EWG 1| more info| aff link] You can tailor to your individual skin type by adding your own mix of essential oils ad well as other active ingredients. I’ve been using it for some time now and I must say that it is the best liquid shower soap I’ve EVER had. It can be diluted with water or carrier oil. All you need is a little time. I formulated this gentle-cleansing DIY shower gel for people with sensitive skin, but it is suitable for any skin type. pH imbalance for sensitive skin often results in irritated, dry and itchy skin. Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside has a mildly acidic pH (5.5 to 6). Usually, I prefer keeping my homemade cosmetics in glass containers. We probably need to adjust the PH to the required level (5). This gentle DIY rose body wash will transform your shower! I’ll try to mention here all the problems I encountered that you might encounter as well. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. If you have no access to rose water, use distilled water instead. 456g | 57% Distilled Water [EWG 1 | product info | aff link] Copyright © 2020 OH MIGHTY HEALTH powered by Nature. The tutorial shows how to make natural body wash without castile soap. Then apple the shower gel over your entire body using gentle, circular motions. The easy liquid homemade shower gel is a mild cleanser great for eczema, acne, dry and sensitive skin. Apart from adding a pleasant scent, rose water and rose hydrosol are a wonderful addition to DIY natural body wash. A lot of body wash recipes use liquid castile soap. Now mix the rest of Phase A ingredients together in a large bowl (Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside). We also need the following natural body wash ingredients to make shower gel at home: How do you make homemade body wash gel? How long does homemade body wash last? It’s the main ingredient you need for lather. How to Thicken Liquid Soap | Homemade or Store bought! It is perfect for blending your own mix of essential oils or you can use on its own. Pour the rosewater into a beaker or tall jar. – Plastic gloves (I wear just one for the hand that deals with the products) castile soap (Here is the brand I use) 12 ounce foaming pump soap dispenser; Essential oils of choice (I used Copaiba and Lemon Essential Oils) 8 oz. In a nutshell, this blog post serves two purposes: 1. Affiliate links will be found on this website. I’m new to the homemade beauty products scene so this and the lotion were the first I’ve made. I miss the UK at times although living in Spain is simply wonderful : ) xx. Instead, try this homemade body wash recipe! How To Make Your Own Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash. It foams and cleanses. There’s no doubt that the pleasure from making your own DIY shower gel trumps any body wash that you loved before, and I assure you that once you add the essential oils to your body wash you’ll be in heaven. Using pH balanced products that don’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH level is essential to maintain softness, suppleness, smoothness, and strength. This entry is about making your own natural DIY homemade body wash / shower gel / body soap / liquid shower soap / shower gel base. Coconut milk is a popular base ingredient … Can you still make DIY body wash? Cover and allow to set for 24 hours. The products have excellent foaming qualities and act as mild, natural cleansers, ideal for those with skin sensitivity. Distilled Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside, Glycerin (Veg), Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin. – Spatula (for stirring, mixing) When I have it I can’t wait to take a shower. Both are sulfate-free, fully biodegradable and ECOCERT-approved. Leave a note in the comment section below! I fixed the PH to the correct number 5 the day after, when I could purchase the PH tester strips (at an insane amount of money I must say, but, hey, they’re a German brand and the girl at the pharmacist said there are ‘testers’ and ‘testers’, so I’m assuming some are more accurate than others…). Enhance your shower with a fragrant DIY rose body wash! Hi Val! Hi Hayley, you’re very welcome! Or, rather, my body was hooked… It’s very difficult to explain, but it hasn’t happened to me with your regular body washes (the non-natural ones). You're welcome to link to Country Hill Cottage or use a single image with a brief description to link back to any post. Thank you so much, Nonye! 1.6g | 0.2% Tocopherol (Antioxidant, Vitamin E). You can substitute coconut oil with another liquid carrier oil, for example sweet almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil. Naturally Thinking are growers of essential oils in the UK and experts in aromatherapy skincare since 2000. What if I wanted to make more than 13 oz? It was like falling in love. It is important to teach children to be conscious about what they put into their bodies, both inside and outside. Pure rose essential oil is forbiddingly expensive. January 22, 2013 at 6:26 pm . I’ll leave you here with a few pics from the process of making our SLS free body wash. Please leave a rating and share a photo on Pinterest! They will always be for products we truly love and have either purchased or would pay for ourselves. Your email address will not be published. The shelf life of the homemade rose shower gel is 6 months. Homemade body wash ingredients: ½ cup coconut oil; ½ cup raw honey; 1 cup liquid Castile soap Happy making! © 2014-2018 Country Hill Cottage Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The DIY shower gel has a luscious gel texture and imparts an elegant rose fragrance. Mix until incorporate and transfer the mixture into a pump dispenser or squeeze bottle. I found a similar one on Amazon in case you wanted to have a look [aff link]. Place to one side (we will use this to adjust the PH later). Guess what… I did have red cabbage in the fridge from our veg Monday shopping, can you believe it!? Yes you can! Thank you so much, Julia! All Rights Reserved. I bought this bar at my local grocery store for around $3.50. Country Hill Cottage Ltd. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Since the vegan body wash recipe is used in the shower, plastic may be the safer option. Before jumping into the formula and steps for making the DIY body wash, I’ll show you below a few photos on the final results so you can get an idea of what this sulfate free body wash will look and feel like. Eh, not to my liking. – Optional: mixer (blender). I usually heat a few inches of water in a saucepan on low heat and put the butter in a Pyrex measuring cup. Glad the post could be of help. The aluminum cap is from test tubes like these. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited. 8g | [0.5% x 2] Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin [EWG 4 & 1| more info| aff link 125g OR aff link 500g] Another idea is to use diluted rose otto essential oil. Enhance your shower with a fragrant  DIY rose body wash! This DIY body wash without honey is used like any other shower gel or body wash: If you have sensitive or eczema-prone skin, take short warm, or even cool showers. Add Phase B ingredients to Phase A and slowly stir (I have used the blender before but I prefer to slowly stir with the spatula until the mix thickens). CASTILE SOAP . But just after a few washes I literally couldn’t get enough of it. Hi Nikole! Because of the natural ingredients, it works great as a face wash and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Then pour the glycerin-xanthan gum mixture to the rose water and mix until blended. These are just pics for you to enjoy . In fact, every time I swap for another shower gel I miss this one big time. After washing, gently pat your sink dry and apply a moisturiser or body lotion while the skin is still damp. Learn how to make moisturizing vegan DIY rose body wash recipe without castile soap that lathers an is best smelling! But the constant use of soap and harsh cleansers can damage the skin barrier, making the skin prone to irritation, itching and dryness – especially in sensitive skin. I started using this homemade liquid soap last year and I love it. I also love the floral fragrance of Plant Therapy’s balance blend, which imparts a delicate aroma of lavender, palmarosa, rose and jasmine and others. That pink colour is so pretty! I am an expat (from Norwich) living in Canada. The idea is to learn how to make a homemade body wash that can serve as a DIY body wash base so you can add your choice of essential oils to the final product. While other surfactants are more widely available, they often have a higher pH, which would thwart the pH-balanced formula I’m suggesting. The ingredients … Hi Alana. Making a Milk 'n Honey Body Wash Gather your ingredients. This is the most fantastic body wash! Hey Nikki, Thank you and welcome to Live Simply! This 100%, all-natural homemade body wash recipe works as a face wash, shampoo, and conditioner! You can add your own essential oil mix to the base (up to 3% – in general I add 50 drops of my essential oil mix to 500g of product. That being said, I’m excited to say that we have liquid DIY shampoo and conditioner recipes coming very soon! But feel free to use scented or unscented castile soap. This natural body wash recipe without castile soap comes together in a few easy steps. Add around 1 tsp of citric acid to the 25g of distilled water you just separated and stir until it dissolves. I love this body wash. All content is the property of, and may not be used without prior written permission. Always check with your doctor before making any changes or following any advice you have read on this site. Back in 2010, my life spun out of control and I’ve had to gradually turn it over in order to adopt a healthier, more natural approach to wellbeing in general. For more information on the above you can read our Disclaimer page. Here is how to thicken body wash with xanthan gum: Xanthan gum thickens the moment it comes in contact with water. This homemade body wash is perfect for the whole family – especially those who prefer all-natural products to store-bought ones. I also improve my skills through Floracopeia’s Aromatherapy course as well as the award-winning health and beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies.I continuously read and learn about natural health and wellbeing broadening my knowledge and skills. I love Susan B-N too but I dont want to use croxith and am struggling to get the glycerin to gel nicely and you’ve used the method I recently discovered, they key is the glycerin! The homemade shower gel is a mild body cleanser, suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Using a mini mixer or milk frother, mix until the glycerin, xanthan gum and pitaya powder are well combined and the mixture looks uniform in colour. 9. Thank you so much! I now formulate natural skincare, prepare daily herbal remedies and use the power of essential oils to deepen my sense of wellbeing on a daily basis. **Try to have separate equipment for your cosmetic production*, –  Weighing Scales (for the smaller weights use a jewellery scale) A pump bottle with a regular dispenser or squeeze bottle are good options to package and use the rose shower gel.