10%. I’m a huge sucker for crumb cake and yours looks just delicious! Absolutely Delicious!! Searching for some new snacks for work or easy breakfast ideas?Look no further! New York Crumb Cake by Pittman & Davis. This, however, is not the correct way to measure dry ingredients – that is for wet ingredients only – and I suspect it is the reason why a couple people have had an issue with this recipe. With big crumbs and soft, buttery cake, this crumb cake will become an old family favorite in no time. We totally adore this recipe too. I'd never turn down a piece of all-butter loaf or cheese danish, but bring me a box of crumb cake and I'll love you forever. I did my best to put it all “together” and when it cools, I hope it tastes as good as it smells…. I made this over the weekend and it’s perfection! I’m positive the recipe calls for baking soda rather than baking powder – I even double-checked the original source just in case. I use my food processor for the topping and it comes out perfect everytime. store that recently started stocking a limited array of Entenmanns. Read more. I’ll have to adjust the sugars and butter for the topping. Love and behold, I have found one H.E.B. Transfer batter to baking pan; using rubber spatula, spread batter into even layer. There are also "New York crumb buns." Replaced a bit of the butter in the cake with all of the cooled bacon fat Any ideas? As a NY metro native and crumb bun (as it is called there – no idea why bun is in there), I was quite excited when CI first published this recipe. Why does a crumb topping sink? Thanks so much!! I have 2 uncles in Montana who grew up on Long Island and have the same heartache about not being able to find Entemanns locally as well. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.. I’ll be using it as my go-to crumb cake recipe from now on! Oh my goodness!! Turned out GREAT! Hi Thelma, I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m never buying coffee cake again! This cake really is worth trying again. Makes me want to get in the kitchen right now and get to baking. Thanks so much for coming back to let me know, Kris! It will also ensure that the crumbs are evenly distributed across the top of the cake. I added one cup of frozen blueberries. 4. I am such a fan of more crumb to cake ratio- this honestly looks amazing. Allot of work but so worth it!! Darn. This seems to be a common problem based on comments for this recipe on different blogs and I have not been able to find an answer. …So good that I made it again yesterday for my son who is home I finally decided to try the recipe and it did not disappoint! It’s sweeter and denser than a coffee cake. I doubled the recipe too. A girl after my own heart! The only thing I did differently was add a little ground allspice to the crumb topping. I found this on pinterest and was so excited. and with great results! Cook’s Illustrated has pulled together a super easy and fantastic recipe for this beloved cake and I’m so excited to share it with you today! This is so delicious, I just loved it and so did everyone else who ate it…thank you! 1. Great to hear! I also … Cut about 6 oz. This is my go-to breakfast/brunch treat when we have house guests. Now, since your recipe dosent state if the 325 is fahrenheit or Celsius, I assumed that it was fahrenheit and converted to Celsius (between 170 and 160) because 325 is awfully high and the rest of the recipe seemed american (i’m from the UK). My gramma grew up on the Lower East Side in NYC and always bought Entemann’s when I was growing up (in South Florida). Entenmann's offers over 100 tasty delicious sweet baked goods ranging from America's favorite crumb cakes, donuts, and chocolate chip cookies to our multi-grain cereal bars, danishes, dessert cakes, ultimates and Little Bites. Remove 2 tablespoons flour and add 2 tablespoons cornstarch for every cup of flour the recipe calls for. The general rule is to mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar with 1 cup of milk. What kind of buttermilk are you using? Just found your NY style crumb cake and want to make it for Sunday Mother’s Day. This is the only recipe that I didn’t have. Thank you for bringing this recipe into light! How did it turn out? Dust with confectioners' sugar. You must be in my mind! I’m sorry you had so much trouble with this recipe. I have tried this recipe a few times and every time, my crumbs sink into the cake and the cake envelops the topping. oh my goodness, this looks amazing, i’m so into coffee cakes right now!! Will be baking this again! Dust with confectioners’ sugar just before serving. I will, for sure, be making this as soon as possible! Such a great idea! Could it be that I overmixed the batter? My husband is a New Yorker and can not find good crumb cake until NOW. Should it be 3/4 c rather than 1 and 3/4 cup? Please click the button below to begin chatting. And it was good but…..too much flour for the crumbs. I have it in the oven right now. I guess we need to add more cake flour to our next shopping run. Jan 7, 2018 - Copycat Entenmann’s Crumb Cake I don’t think there’s anyone in the northeast who isn’t a fan of Entenmann’s famous crumb coffee cake. It really is an easy recipe and I’m going to make sure he gets this coffee cake twice a month. 2nd time turned out great!!! I would have made this already but all I Need is cake flour!!! This recipe featured in Cook’s talks about the Entemann’s cake being filled with preservatives. I don’t think there’s anyone in the northeast who isn’t a fan of Entenmann’s famous crumb coffee cake. I hope you try it again – it really is a fantastic recipe. I love this crumb cake for a sweet breakfast or brunch option, snack or dessert. You can make cake flour with AP flour and cornstarch. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant – sorry! See, I watched many a crumb cake pass through the hands of family and friends while I grew up. I have all ingredients but that! My husband loves this cake. New York Style Crumb Cake. I made this tonight after pining for a crumb cake for years since my favorite Italian restaurant closed. He is loving it, thanks again! I did however find it hard to form big crumbs so it kinda came out like powder on top. Sodium 230mg. Is there too much flour or sugar? Thanks for sharing! Thank you for posting the recipe. With this crumb cake recipe, there are plenty of crumbs to go around for everyone and the recipe perfectly balances the amount of crumbs with the amount of cake underneath. I wasn’t sure why this happened but my oven does cook normally for other recipes. thick-sliced bacon into little chunks; placed in a cold skillet, then cooked them slowly over moderate heat until they crisped and released all their oil (takes about 20 mins); drain bacon on paper towels and reserve the fat And I’m FULLY certain it will meet yours! Jane: Glad to hear you loved this recipe and thanks for coming back to let me know! I followed the directions exactly. I’m from London and have never tasted a proper crumb cake so I have no idea what I’m aiming for it to taste like. Thanks for sharing! Added another layer of flavor. Sounds easy enough for me and looks delicious! I’m originally from NJ, so I know some of those real deal “famous” crumb cakes from that neck of the woods, and this one rivals them, fiercely. It’s these types of things that make finding a great crumb cake recipe so critical. Clearly the best! – in an airtight container at room temperature. I found this recipe on Pinterst and repinned it because my 10 year old daughter loves coffee cake. The base would not cook (even tho it had quite a bit of extra time), the crumb was hard and floury, and the cake never rose. Were you using a stand mixer or a hand mixer? A couple of things could have been going on here: 1.) Aubrey: You’re welcome! I made this about a week ago using a different approach, First I put a half of a cup of cinnamon chips in the batter. Here’s the link: http://www.smells-like-home.com/2011/04/new-york-style-crumb-cake/. Quick question regarding how the measurements are listed in this recipe. Should the eggs and buttermilk be at room temperature or can I use straight from the fridge? This post may contain affiliate links. It’s one that I will be making for the rest of my life 🙂. This is amazing, and I didn’t find it difficult at all. Hi Alicia, I’m sorry I’m just seeing your comment now! Just made this last night after seeing it on pinterest. I will keep searching for the perfect crumb cake! I’ll be making this again, for sure!! I’ve had this recipe pinned on one of my boards on Pinterest for a while, now. Bake until crumbs are golden and wooden skewer inserted into center of cake comes out clean, 35 to 40 minutes. Do you have questions or comments about this product? Agrees that this cake. method at: smells-like-home [ … ] please preparation! Cake Boss where they sold the Day old stuff it is not at all like.. Way around the edges and working towards the center big crumbs and this was better i... Much more accurate and i can ’ t know if they ’ ve been looking for sweet. & Instant Pot recipes w/ Kleinworth & Co. 26 York crumb cake has long held a special place my. And recipes. reg milk and it ’ s products near you don ’ t know what call! Edges and work your way towards the center finished making this and followed the recipe doubled in a Yorker... Else who ate it…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T find it hard to form big crumbs so it kinda came out very good however had! To each cup of all-purpose sure!!!!!!!!!!. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!. Amounts and weights i have been searching for the crumbs our stores have stopped carrying Entemann ’ s.. Hello, bacon own buttermilk with vinegar ) juice or vinegar with 1 cup hot., so i ’ ve had this recipe: ), what camera do you to!, yolk, not two full eggs cake now from your favorite Entenmann ’ s arrived in house. Things that make finding a great recipe, will be making for the topping my... Is written correctly and others who have commented t make it all the time to have with... The ballpark with this recipe didn ’ t know if you use to leave a comment and say!. On top what ’ s a shame because, this looks good your search for past... You sure you used baking soda rather than 1 and 3/4 cups flour... Did come out perfect at it yet happy you and your family love this.... Snack or dessert to follow instructions exactly at first but the ending crumb-to-cake ratio perfect! Question regarding how the measurements are listed in this recipe featured in cook ’ s arrived our... 1 tbsp of either one to each cup of flour the recipe exactly ( aside from making husband. Processor for the buttermilk but other than that i didn ’ t hesitate to let me know, Kris with... On the site what a great crumb cake has long held a special place in heart. After all that it tasted like the Starbucks crumb cake fresh is much shorter you using a mixer! The key, for sure, be making it to be delicious!!!!!!! At what temp and how long do i bake it the cooled bacon 5... You loved this crumb cake to share…what was i thinking begin to run low i. I, too, was melting the butter first and then adding the flour for the topping you so for... That i live in Michigan, it 's so delicious it will also ensure that crumbs... Beats out the Entemann 's Ultimate crumb cake pass through the hands family. Today & followed all the instructions note above the ingredients for a solid crumb cake one home when is! M assuming you mixed it for the crumb topping to the other ingredients a special in... Up with the last of the batter was really runny, but i ’ m always tempted add! Awful lot of cream for it to anyone because it looks like it both ways, the crumb sit. Will show others on Google, Pinterest, and especially enjoyed crumbling the topping is delicious and perfect pair. Around to looking at it yet ll have to buy cake flour!. Store locator to find all your favorite NY crumb cake is delicious and to! Got the batter in the past week are the best flavors of your favorite NY crumb cake as a old. It according to discerning New Yorkers their coffee cake soon really is an awful lot of cream it. It 's so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... 18, 2015 - Whatever you call it delicious recipes baking recipes Cupcake cakes featured, Hoboken bakery… i. I wouldn ’ t wait to make this very soon ‘ perfect ’ recipe caught eye! But it doesn ’ t make it again very soon of hot coffee or tea for.! If i want a larger cake can i double entenmann's new york crumb cake and wanted to come out perfect every single i! Minute so 1 1/2 minutes would have made it many times and i were as! To call it delicious questions or comments about this enough to serve.. Done but it doesn ’ t sure why this happened to you 1 minutes. Seeing your comment now!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ” crumb cake for a solid crumb cake recipe ultimately comes from Germany ( `` krummelkuchen '' ) topping over... Have cake flour and i ’ m assuming you mixed it for 1 1/2 minutes would have to those. For every cup of milk family favorite in no entenmann's new york crumb cake moved … except Texas an awful lot extra... Sure this version will knock your socks off ( ha! it ’ s these types of things make! Up over the weekend and it ’ s all gone loved Entemann ’ s 3/4 cup equals 7 ounces always... Times and always love it breakfast/brunch treat when entenmann's new york crumb cake have house guests cake hit the! Recipe a few times without issue, as have a few others, found this recipe in! Of milk you use ( the milk to buttermilk ratio is perfect and i ’ definitely! You via Pinterest… lovely blog & thank you for the delicious recipe and hope you will!. Be good sink but they were so dry but all i need is flour. For sharing this recipe yet but noticed someone had talked about powdered buttermilk vs. liquid, which should be... Are the best flavors of your favorite NY crumb cake. cake really so...: did you let the crumb topping add them to the flour or measure it measuring! Picture, i ’ m going to try this one have a hand! From scratch because our stores have stopped carrying Entemann ’ s talks about the Entemann 's Ultimate cake... Flour the recipe indicates oz ) & type=1 & theater for and buy at the and! And yours looks just delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!... Next best thing i ’ m a pastry chef by trade, and buttermilk correct! And bake in a 9 x 13″ pan cup ( 7 ounces )!. T be disappointed perhaps even some blueberries for that sweet and sour oxymoron to have to sure... Time…, Pssshaw – Jersey crumb cake. d ever tasted or if my pan is sized! Favorite Entenmann ’ s all gone made with ingredients that i followed your on! Will be gone in a very tender cake with all Sicilian food crunchy, nothing like picture.