People with blue eyes are often deep and sensual. Blue eyes and grey eyes are quite similar genetically. Our coat, by the way, varies in color, too, ranging from black to pure white. Back in the 60s the common thinking was that brown eyes were “dominant” gene traits and blue eyes were “recessive,” but that’s too simplistic. Only between 8% and 10% of humans can boast having blue eyes, however. Mature Eye Coloration. Color. The Newfoundland has a water resistant double coat. The dogs carry blue eyes during all of their life span. The coat color is typically black, but may also be black with blue highlights, bronze, brown, or gray. Blue is the second most common type of eye color on Earth in humans. Their eyes only begin to reveal themselves — and slowly open after that point. Around 3 or 4 weeks in age, puppies’ final eye color slowly starts to become visible. Both are likely influenced by genetics. Scientists believe that the genetics of blue and grey eyes are very similar despite not being exactly the same. There is something very primal and beautiful about your personality. Those two give people the common eye colors of green, blue, and brown. Recognized Newfoundland colors are black, brown, gray, and white and black. Just like blue eyes, grey eyes have a dark epithelium at the back of the iris and a clear stroma at the front, which is why some scientists believe that people with grey eyes develop blue eyes as fetuses, blue eyes that for some reason mutate into a light shade of grey … But scientists don’t understand why other people have gray, hazel, or eyes with multiple colors in them. Whereas, the mature eyes iris-pigment for Great Dane breed is usually brown colored with one exception. Color is secondary to type, structure and soundness. The under coat is dense and soft in texture. Sometimes the puppy’s eyes could bear blue-grey coloring as well. Ultimately, at least two things can determine whether someone ends up with grey eyes—the amount of melanin (or pigment) made and the density of the proteins in the stroma (or supportive tissue). We can have two brown eyes of any shade, two blue eyes, one eye of each color or two colors in one eye! Other coat colors include black, white, fawn, red, and brown. This is the time to enjoy the blue-eyed stage where their eyes are blue and wholly uniform in color, meaning there is no change from the irises to the pupils. The outer coat is coarse, flat, oily, and of medium length. Any Newfoundland whose coat color is brown and white or gray and white is to be disqualified if white is, without question, the predominant color, a decision to be determined by the judge. By 1784 the word had gotten out on this mysterious tribe of blue-eyed Indians, and they were featured in the media, with the August 24, 1784 edition of the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser proclaiming that a new tribe of white people had been discovered and that they were “acquainted with the principles of the Christian religion” and “extremely courteous and civilized.” If your eyes are blue in color, then your sexual partner needs to reflect the broad range of personality like your eyes … Generally, Great Dane puppies are born with blue eyes at large. Blue eyes are so intriguing and striking. Interestingly, a genetic mutation thought to have occurred between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago is the origin of this eye color. However, blue-eyed mature pit bulls do exist, and they make stunning additions to gorgeous coat colors like blue, gray, or brindle.