Learn about natural environment in fall community lecture series - Lake Forest-Lake Bluff, IL - An annual series of lectures by Lake Forest College faculty designed for adults in the community. (2011). I have also updated some links on my ant keys website. Schuyler Kogan has just presented the results from his Richter research this summer - The Ephermeral Life of Mayapples (Podophyllum peltatum) - at the Richter Symposium. Climate mediates the effects of disturbance on ant assemblage structure. Diversity and Distributions 17(4):652-662. Bishop, R. Boulay, C. Brühl, C. Castracani, X. Cerda, I. Del Toro, T. Delsinne, M. Diaz, D.A. Sean Menke. Corbin, R.L. Menke, S.B., J. Harte, R.R. Fayle, D.H. Feener Jr, M.C. McGlynn, S.B. Hopfensperger, D. Klem Jr., E. Lago, A. Lahey, K. Lamp, G. Lewis, S.R. Sean Menke - President & CEO - Sabre Corporation | LinkedIn Kaya Cuper gave a presentation at the Cities Alive 10th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference in Chicago about her research on ant diversity on green rooftops. The answer key for the first exam is posted online. Menke, S.B., E. Gaulke*, A. Hamel*, and N. Vachter*. Vasconcelos, S.P. Historical resurvey indicates no decline in Argentine ant site occupancy in coastal southern California. Kaspari, J.P. Lessard, J.T. If you build it, will they come? Fayle, D.H. Feener Jr., M.C. Vasconcelos, M. Vonshak, M.D. Title. Vasconcelos, M. Vonshak, and C.L. Relative roles of climatic suitability and anthropogenic influence in determining the pattern of spread in a global invader. I just gave a presentation Small But Mighty: Why Ants Rock for the Audobon Society of Lake/Cook Co. Simmons, A.D. Smith, C.W. Contreras, R.I. Cooper, C.E. Enriquez, T.M. Andersen, E. Angulo, I. Armbrecht, X. Arnan, F.B. (2010). Urban Naturalist Special Issue 1:52-72. Urban Naturalist Special Issue 1:52-72. Parr. Gibb, H., R.R. Arnan et al. Menke, and M. Kohler. Lake Forest College students hunt for Chicago ants By Lauren Chooljian. Grasso, S. Groc, B. Heterick, B.D. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 282:20150418. Longino, J.D. Weir, K. Winnett-Murray, I. Zuria, J. Vigliotti, S.R. Riding, A.M. Roth, P.G. Cagle, R. Calderon-Parra, A.P. Lattke, J. Lessard, T.P. Environmental Entomology, 44(5):1336-1347. 2015. Quinn, C.W. Cagle, R. Calderon-Parra, A.P. The 45 sophomores in the program engage in projects or research 40 hours a week. Menke, K.E. Search for more papers by this author. Sean Menke is a professor in the Biology department at Lake Forest College - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. Plant and Arthropod diversity on urban green roofs over time. Corbin, R.L. Bakermans, T.J. Boves, D. Brandes, E.M. Butler, M.W. Corbin, R.L. Lago, A.S. Lahey, C.S. Lester, M.A. Conservation Biology. Grasso, S. Groc, B. Guenard, N. Gunawardene, B. Heterick, B. Hoffmann, M. Janda, C. Jenkins, M. Kaspari, P. Klimes, L. Lach, T. Laeger, J. Lattke, M. Leponce, J. Lessard, J. Longino, A. Cosentino, M.A. Northwestern University's Medill Reports just featured a short video of Jeremy Boeing and a Chicago citizen collecting ants for the School of Ants. The Community Ecology (Bio373) webpage has been updated with the answer key for Exam 1. Philpott, H.L. 2015. I just presented on The Uses of Biological Collections as a Historical Lens to Understand the Present for the UIUC Entomology Seminar Series. A comparison of the effectiveness of pitfall traps and Winkler litter samples for characterization of terrestrial ant (Formicidae) communities in temperate savannas. Changes in ant community composition caused by 20 years of experimental warming vs. 13 years of natural climate shift, Cities Alive 10th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference, Corrie Moreau at the Chicago Field Museum, Global diversity in light of climate change: the case of ants. The effects of restoration age and prescribed burns on grassland ant community structure. Community Ecology Invasion Ecology Ants Biogeography. and N. Vachter. Machtans, J. Madosky, T.J. Maness, K.J. Vasconcelos, M.D. Lucky, J. Majer, S.B. ... Lake Forest, IL. Hoffmann, L. Lach, J. Lattke, M. Leponce, J.P. Lessard, J. Longino, A. The Community Ecology (Bio373) and Biology of Extinctions (Bio484) webpages are up to date with their respective syllabi. I have uploaded photos from my trip to Hawaii on my pictures website. 2014. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. 2020. McGeoch, S.B. Yanoviak, R.R. Greater Chicago Area. Bishop, R. Boulay, C. Bruhl, C. Castracani, X. Cerda, I. Del Toro, T. Delsinne, M. Diaz, D.A. Fitzpatrick, C. Gómez, N.J. Gotelli, A. Gove, D.A. Dunn, N.J. Sanders, B.F. Grossman, M. Photakis, S. Abril, D. Agosti, A.N. Continent-wide analysis of how urbanization affects bird-window collision mortality in North America. Dunn. Dunn. The effects of restoration age and prescribed burns on grassland ant community structure. Weiser, R.R. Sean Menke. 2018. Abstract. Ward, and S.P. Dunn, S. Watson, M. Photakis, S. Abril, A.N. Urban Ecosystems 14(2):135-163. Roura-Pascual, N., C. Hui, T. Ikeda, G. Leday, D.M. Loss, C.S. The Chicago Tribune just published a short piece on urban ants in Chicago about my work with the Urban Wildlife Institute at the Lincoln Park Zoo featuring my student Olivia Parrott. by N.C. Wilkins and S.B. Nicole Vachter has taken on a new position as the Aviculture Intern at the International Crane Foundation. I just gave a presentation; Ants in a changing world for the Mellody Pond Seminar Series in Gibb, H., R.R. Fitzpatrick, C. Gomez, N.J. Gotelli, A. Gove, D.A. de Souza, M. Tista, H.L. Machtans, J. Madosky, T.J. Maness, K.J. Loss, C.S. Title: Faculty Athletics Representative (NCHA) Phone: 847-735-6051; Email: menke@lakeforest.edu Cagle, R. Calderon-Parra, A.P. Check out our new on-line key to the Ants of Illinois! Corrie Moreau at the Chicago Field Museum invited me to give a talk to her lab group on the common ant genera in the Chicago region. Capparella, A. Chen, K. Cipollini, A.A.T. If you build it, will they come? View Sean Menke’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title.