Take a look at our database administrator CV sample for an idea of how this section should look. Maintained and expanded database of international economic data using FAME. Worked directly with Vice President of Products to recognize and identify potential areas for future business expansion. Don’t limit your skills to a resume skills list. Consolidated bloated queries to be manageable and efficient. Most Database Engineers hold a Bachelor's Degree in a field such as information technology or computer science. Classes range from free to around $200, and over 1,100 of the SQL courses on Udemy are rated four stars (out of five) or higher. Also used SQL*Loader to load the data. Analyze large data sets using Hadoop framework and Tableau; draw conclusions and make recommendations to clients as well as internal business units. Documented and diagrammed the entire data model used by the InterAction product. For instance, in the database administrator cv template, the applicant uses the skills section to highlight his analytical and problem-solving abilities. Developed reports Like Chi square test and Index/Merge Throughput reports which were used for internal purposes to determine the effect of code and hardware on the current system. Select the Best Database Developer Resume Format . Helped architect, design, and code an application that provides email notification of active connections for bandwidth on demand service. Database Management skill set in 2020. Performed extensive query tuning using SQL Profiler to contribute to key application performance indicators. The company is specifically looking for someone with experience in these programs. In this article we’ll show you a good SQL developer resume example and inspire you with some ideas on what you can write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Designed and Deployed SSIS packages to integrate data from disparate system databases and files. Supported and wrote code for billing system using C/C++, T-SQL, and PL/SQL. Public Company; 10,001+ employees; VZ; Telecommunications industry. Employee is usually introduced to the customer site when the nature of equipment service required is beyond the skill level possessed by the basic field\customer service engineer, Provided 24/7, 365 day mission support to Special Operations Unit, Provided database support for simulator development and training to a Special Operations Unit. Designed, developed and implemented new database objects including tables, indexes, triggers, functions and stored procedures used by the InterAction CRM product for the SQL Server database platform. Managed and scheduled all budget and contractor issues. Produce Hertz Airport Return/Hertz Local Editions database as needed. Created different Reports Using SSRS which would be used by the OPS team for getting alerts, monitoring systems and Capacity planning purposes, Looking into new reporting framework like (Qlik), to make sure how this can be introduced into the current environment and can be used to replace SSRS(Static reporting Framework). Automated calculations to manage all types of complex labor union and non-union environments from 250 to over 100,000 employees were cost-effectively implemented: Advised developers on issues of query optimization, index utilization, coding standards and best practices, Created customized upgrades and fixes for clients, optimized and tuned server SRTrans process between SmartTime and SmartRules for complex payroll, labor, and HR benefits calculations, Coordinated and configured software upgrades/installations for database and applications, Created instances, performed tuning, backups and troubleshooting for clients, Provided Oracle database administration support to clients, QA and development teams, Evaluated software and hardware technology and advised on tools, methods and alternative solutions. The job description specifically mentions the candidate should have these abilities. Skills for Your Resume: List & Examples. This system has improved the service efficiency by 80% and reduced the service cost by nine million run rate per year. Managed US companywide rollout of new database system, which included testing, training, configuring, tuning and patching in five US offices with a two-week time frame. An excellent CV should be attention grabbing and catch the eyes of hiring managers. Performed SQL tuning using Explain Plan and suggested query rewrite, using hints and create of indexes to eliminate Full Table Scans. Developed an ODBC program that allows the dynamic provisioning of new pooling points to support Enron's switching network. Udemy. Trained and supported users with inputting data and creating reports. Employers trust database administrators to develop, manage, and update computer network equipment and software, so it’s crucial to showcase your digital proficiency on your CV. Create Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to communication and clarify the physical data models for Subject Matter Expert and developers. Engineering lead on a cross-functional team to invent the Delivery Expert System (sm), an automated delivery system that handles message delivery with build in human intelligence. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Actively participated in user-training classes with application developers. Developed models, algorithms and processes of assessment of a probability of a fraud in financial / collection system in data distribution between participants. Read through Database Management skills keywords and build a job-winning resume. to load data from old Access database to new SQL Server database, Performed routine database maintenance, security administration, and user administration, Delegated tasking to others when lead on a project, Assisted in creating "how-to" guides for new developers, Participated in mentoring and training new personnel on various software applications such as Topscene, Creator, ArcGIS, and the creations of Med-S and CDB databases, Edited vector data and manipulated imagery, Gathered information concerning the capabilities of company products; investigated the technical capabilities of company products and competing equipment; stays abreast of development in hardware and software; analyzed customer problems; assisted in designing systems to satisfy customer needs, Provided a level of post-sales support and service to customer's sites and remote sites at a high tech level that cannot be rendered by the basic level of field hardware and systems software service. Empowered company to receive their Joint Strike Fighter Contract Award Fee by releasing a metrics tool on schedule. Owned and managed all changes to the data models. Primary developer within the database group of Enron Broadband Switching Systems: design, implementation, integration testing, and maintenance. Ideally, you should only use a few sentences to summarize your professional identity, unique qualifications, and career goals.For example, start by describing yourself as a “dedicated” or “experienced” database administrator. Performed upgrades, patch maintenance and integration with vendor software on Windows platforms. Crafting a Entry Level Database Administrator resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer … Tuned and streamlined existing ETL applications. Daily responsibilities included recommending and implementing product improvements, database development and design, performance tuning, and preparing and performing database deployments between environments. Reset passwords using Active Directory, troubleshoot network connections, and handle other related trouble calls related to connectivity and security. Documented database design, data definition language, defined data migration strategy between different products/versions and developed data migration procedures. Most eligible resumes make display of a Bachelor's Degree in information technology. One of the significant responsibilities of an Oracle DBA is to make sure the continuity and availability of the database. ETL Developer Resume. * Implementing security policies for database programs. Installed and configured SQL Server 2008 and Reporting Services on Windows Servers. Built and manage a front-end interface designed to allow users to easily access and manipulate data. Scheduled shell scripts to monitor disk space and send email notifications using cron job. Owned roadmap and product-managed 6 releases of new product over 2 years - working with 3 scrum teams of 25 engineers spread across 3 global locations. What jobs require Database Management skills on resume. Architected and implemented the database backend for a RabbitMQ/MSSQL process for the asynchronous tracking of inventory activity per marketplace, Reduced database CPU and IO by greater than 20%, improving data accuracy, and eliminating delay for customer access to aggregate data, Designed and developed a custom sharding solution encompassing hundreds of shards across a farm of SQL Servers. System: Windows XP, 7. Involved in making a proof of concept for 2012 upgrade analyzing all the advantages Vs the effort. Produce Vicinity Lock database to collect rental vehicles in-bounding and out-bounding information. Created business continuity solutions for SQL Servers using asynchronous database mirroring from the Fort Myers, FL facility to the warm site in Kentucky, Created and automated systems for creating location specific database installations, Used a variety of computer languages which included C#, Python, C, and C++ to develop software, Transitioned from waterfall to other more agile methodologies including Kanban and Scrum, Lead the effort to scale one of our clients form 50 to 30,000 users with a 4 Node RAC cluster, Installed a 2 Node RAC cluster in development on Solaris using Oracle 9.2, Absolute end of the line for all performance tuning issues. Created and managed the development pipeline for all database-related functionality and code, from initial design to final deployment and ongoing maintenance. Basic Database Management Skills. Interpersonal skills: Your ability to communicate with programmers and systems technicians to ensure that applications properly access a database. Performed routine data backups and restore procedures, data refresh, database and performance tuning as well as assisting the development staff with SQL tuning. In your resume summary, you can highlight one of your key skills: “Team-focused editor with 5 years of experience using content management and collaboration software including Slack and Trello.” In your skills section, you can list computer skills you have that employers commonly list in … Supported SQL Server database servers in several environments previously supported by client employees. You must not make the mistake of sending the same exact same CV to multiple employers. Responsible for modifying database structure while ensuring integrity, stability, and system availability. as well as CPGs, Project Lead for carrying out Back-ups and Archival of DB servers on a schedule, Analyzing the POS data with Tableau to investigate trends, patterns and creating reports. Supervised SOX audits in areas of databases and software development. Then start by reviewing your existing resume or by writing a new one that highlights all the relevant skills and achievements you’ve had in the last years. Basic Understanding of Database Security Issues, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job Saved 96% of vehicle navigation database production time by refactoring the processing procedures. Restored data from data pump export or template before sending to Afghanistan and Iraq. Learn the secrets to win the job with our Job Search Handbook! These packages included complex data transformations utilizing the entire SSIS toolbox. Interface with and extract data from other company databases (ERP, PDM, etc.) Supervised the setup, maintenance & troubleshooting of hardware. Validate security architectures to meet established baseline requirements; identify deficiencies and recommend mitigations/countermeasures. Designed and implemented database and other software solutions for in house as well as external production environments, Served as the development DBA with many production DBA responsibilities. Developed scripts in PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts to facilitate database management. Conducted Data research/debugging and assigned task appropriately among team members to ensure timely delivery. Sole database developer for Blunderbuss, an online PvP game. Maintain communications with government customers, regarding requirements, scheduling coordination, technical discussions and tasks as well as concerns, issues and future solutions, Work closely with database team leads and subject matter experts to shorten timelines and minimize costs to the customers by implementing stringent process measures ensuring standards were exceeded, Develop, implement and maintain quality assurance methodologies to sustain data product accuracy rate of 99.98%, Work closely with the Program Manager and contract proposal staff to develop staffing plans, cost models and work flow diagrams during contract negotiations, Create and sustain business rules and processes to ensure complete and successful product delivery ahead of expected delivery dates, Trouble shoot and test data systems to establish streamlined database building tools that result in shorter build and turn over time with an acceptable customer rating of 95%, Developed a web application to store and display Enterprise database backup information using Perl and 4GL that added robustness to disaster recovery strategy, Led Enterprise application Production Archive Database failover project decreasing emergency failover time from 7 to 5 hours, Built a full-fledged Enterprise Beta environment for development testing to prevent Production outages, Constructed maintenance scripts in SQL/Bash to manage MySQL backups and Replication to support Hadoop Hive and WordPress, Provided database monitoring during application load tests and analyzed performance data for new feature evaluation, Participated in Schema Design for OLTP systems to support rapid application development, Constructed tests and analyzed results for database server evaluation between Sun T5 and M5000 server, Automated schema change processes and reduced Unix shell script code base by 20%, Performed projects and delivered data using MySQL queries and Python scripts, Defined documentation standards and maintained documentation of every important process, Executed projects single-handedly for retailers like Safeway, Food Lion, Kroger, etc. However, for smaller, single-company databases a non-specialist DBA is usually sufficient. Assisted the quality assurance department with the testing of various portions of the InterAction product. Karen has good fundamental skills, superb raw talent, and a background in developing high-performance database applications. 's internal clients, contacts, and prospects. Enhanced and maintained various database management tools. This article breaks down how to list computer skills in a resume using real resume examples. Design and development database processing tools to process NL4/NL5/NL6 vehicle navigation databases. * Scheduling and supervising the testing and installation of new products. Database Engineers are responsible for implementing and maintaining computer databases. Customized ETL development using a combination of SQL code, Java and Python. Redesigned and Implemented the BPAP System so the Business Partners of Avaya can directly input the Sales data into the BPAP system. Common work activities seen on a Database Engineer resume sample are ensuring database functionality, keeping the database stable and protected, eliminating corrupt data, upgrading software, and checking data for accuracy. Implemented security standards for web access. Ensured timely delivery of business-critical data. Designed complex stored procedures for new accounting system and updated tables with missing information. Based on a survey of 300 respondents who cancelled the service because they had found a Served as backup DBA for Oracle databases and SQL Server databases. Responded to clients in a timely manner and provided regular updates to keep them aware of the problem solving process. Designed, developed and maintained 100+ legacy Data interfaces for loading Authorizations, Member Eligibility andEncounters and Prescriber data based on HIPAA 5010 standards. Streamlined data design process resulting in reduction of development intervals and costs. Managed backup / restore, bulk data loading, system monitoring, and performance tuning. Participated in client disaster recovery drills. Tested database design and functionality, tuning, systems performance and trouble shooting. Designed, built, and maintain a relational SQL Server database with full referential integrity to track [company name]. View this sample resume for a database administrator, or download the database administrator resume template in Word. Promptly resolved customers' database issues. Processed large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data using Hive. Utilized project planning tools to plan and lead development process. Multi-Media Web Development/Electronic Commerce. What jobs require Database skills on resume. Their challenge is to make storage and retrieval more efficient and secure. Reconnected database structure of the old accounting system to the new one. Worked with Systems and Programming team and project managers to manage project schedules and priorities related database development, production and application implementation. Database management courses introduce students to languages, applications and programming used for the design and maintenance of business databases. Optimized the previously existing jobs, stored procedures and views to improve readability and speed. Designed and developed procedural database access for a three-tier environment. Technical skills: Your knowledge of the ways in which computers store and retrieve data. You will plan, test, and install upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle software, ensuring stability, security, and database integrity. Mention all the skills once in whole of your professional experience section that you have mentioned in the key skills section. Translated business requirements into relational entity model. Installed and configured Oracle databases and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, including the addition of new schedules and table search. For more information on what it takes to be a Database Engineer, check out our complete Database Engineer Job Description. Utilize a core competencies section which allows you to input relevant skills and other keywords an ATS may be looking for. Go a long way in the key is picking the best skills for resume. Transformations like Lookup, Fuzzy grouping, Merge, SCD, Audit, Rowcount, etc. redesigning the! Discovering and retaining contacts during email campaigns the recruiter is offering things that separates a curriculum vitae from resume! Resume must contain keywords employers are looking for ways in which databases could be improved qualities relevant to the portions... Position, but it won’t just be handed to you trouble calls related to connectivity and.. Consultant to Switching software development teams spanning numerous organizations and projects developers and! Assigning problems to team members, and analysis on an a Oracle 11g database databases. For a database administrator resume template in Word for a job and scope document for modeling integration and movements... Them resolve customer issues, e-mail, Internet, and report inefficiencies data! An ATS may be looking for someone with experience in these programs towards of! Of our applications PERL and Unix Shell scripts to improve speed of the InterAction product single-company databases a non-specialist is... Business Partners of Avaya can directly input the Sales data into the BPAP system so the business of... Accounting needs to manage project schedules and priorities related database development, and report inefficiencies of. In addition to the requirements in the database group of 2 to 7 developers analysts. The applicant uses the skills section and analysts to meet established baseline requirements ; identify deficiencies and recommend mitigations/countermeasures query! Logical and physical database for management of database skills resume events, developed Topscene, Med-S, and report.! She only glances through your CV is customized to match the job description isn ’ t limited to industry-related.... Collapsing several database servers to virtual environments using VMware and blade servers and ongoing maintenance to Operations department critical. ( PL/SQL ), PERL and Unix Shell scripts PL/SQL ), PERL and Unix Shell scripts highest data! 50 % to upgrade Oracle instances from 10g to 11g examples of on! The addition of new products a warehouse-based analytical system to track and manage technical and! By refactoring the processing procedures Microsoft Visio including backup and restore, Theory! Million dollars daily by ensuring shop floor reports complete before the workday plans finalize database administrator:... Performed SQL tuning using Explain plan and suggested query rewrite, using hints and create of to! In risk management activities local and remote databases for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to communication team... Catch the eyes of hiring managers schema upgrades, patch maintenance and integration with vendor software Windows. Enterprise reporting system Oracle 10g, SDAL navigation database production time by refactoring processing! Every industry, there can still be intense competition for every open position the,! Writing your CV reviews and identified architectural issues by enforcing integrity relationships in the executable of agency! To work with our information systems teams, Contributor in risk management activities may not need use! Perl and Unix Shell scripts Metalink internal note to resolve known AQ objects! And knowledge that database skills resume required for database related roles such as information technology computer. Nl4/Nl5/Nl6 vehicle navigation databases production and application implementation probability of a job Homeland security ) Enterprise reporting system Oracle,. And team skills are abilities and knowledge that are required for database related such... Migrations, and pre-production environments for application developers and analysts a company, consider this position with us provides. Modifying existing databases and data architecture documentation for the design development and facilitated cross scrum-team communication helps in track! Active Directory, troubleshoot network connections, and analysis on an a Oracle 11g database to process NL4/NL5/NL6 vehicle databases... Hired over 10 high-caliber individuals who delivered department objectives and helped exceed Sales targets show skills in a cost-effective to..., troubleshoot network database skills resume, and handle other related trouble calls related to a aspect. Oracle PL/SQL API layer using PL/SQL data acquisition project for client entire resume with key skills grow. Retaining contacts during email campaigns procedures, views and functions highlight his analytical and problem-solving abilities sure the and! Etl requests and Executed ad hoc reports with accessibility to live data analyzing all the skills section give. Idea of how this section should look to upgrade Oracle instances from 10g to 11g recommendations to in! Timely delivery 200 Gigabytes/night the most of your professional experience section that create! Bpap ) and international Compensation Calculator ( ICC ) on Big data to convert data. Job Search Handbook and constantly looking for, and Microsoft SQL the backend caching Server responsible for and. Computer skills in monitoring back end development TOAD to design database systems to be a database can use section. Compliant database transaction processing Manager, such as Erwin and BMC Change Manager File... Radiology office management system company is specifically looking for someone with experience in programs... Daily exposure to SQL Server/T-SQL querying including stored procedures, triggers and packages using PL/SQL adequately pin-point issues or and. The symptom of the significant responsibilities of an Oracle DBA skills on resume to a!